Rappel Site


The top of the rappel site is very sloping. The participants should wait on the rock at the top of the safety tether.

There should only be one participant down at the rappel anchor at a time.

This is the anchor system for the rappel site. Participants clip into the red webbing with a sling girth hitched to the left side of their harness. They stand with their back against the tree at the bottom of the red webbing while getting rigged to the rappel lines. The blue webbing is the staff tether.

This is the upper end of the safety tether & waiting area.

A look down from the top of the Rappel.

Ledge at the Rappel Site Overhang. The climbers right foot should move another foot to the right

so that he straddles the bump on the edge of the ledge.

This will insure that the rope comes over a smooth edge in front of his face.

Beware to avoid a sharp edged notch if the climber does not move far enough to the right.

Climber should keep feet on the rock till his head is below his feet.

This is a great place to practice a Fireman's Belay & get the "look mom, no hands!" photo.