Robin's Nest


Robins' Nest is anchored from a tree on the Precipice Path about 25 feet above the top of the climb

and a boulder just above the climb.

It is named for a horizontal cave located 2/3 up the climb just below a tree ledge. Robin was an 18 year old

Voyageur staff beginning climber when he got himself into the cave and had a very hard time convincing

himself to get back out. He later became a proficient climber and instructor for other organizations too.

This anchor tree is on the Precipice Path about 25 feet above the top of Robins' Nest.

Toss the anchor rope down. Avoid climbing straight down here causing erosion.

Continue along the trail for 20 feet climbers left to a durable walk around on the rock ledge below.

This photo is taken from the access ledge below the Precipice Path and above the top of the climb.

The anchor rope in the foreground is coming down from the tree on the Precipice Path.

The other anchor for Robins' Nest is accomplished by slinging a large boulder just above the top of the climb.

Be sure to protect the rope as it rounds the 2 corners of the boulder.

2 small pieces of cot nylon are shown but webbing sleeves on the rope would be just as effective

and probably easier to deal with.

Here the 2 anchor ropes can be seen going over the edge to the anchor biners.

Looking back up, the anchor on the left goes to the tree on the Precipice Path.

The rope on the right is slinging the boulder.

Climber on Robin's Nest just below the cave.

Robin's Nest belay ledge. The climb can start where this climber is standing

or on the rock in the middle foreground of this photo.

Robin's Nest belay ledge.