Crux Capacitor


Named for a triangular rock under the overhang at the crux of the climb which is reminiscent of

the "Flux Capacitor" in the back of the Delorian in the movie " Back to the Future".

The Crux Capacitor anchor ropes are seen here from near Crows Nest.

These 2 anchor trees are pretty far apart. The rope angle ends up at about 90 degrees.

Here is the Crux Capacitor climber right anchor tree.

The lower Crows Nest anchor tree is just to the right in the background.

Crux Capacitor climber left anchor tree. This is shared with the Big Wall Left anchor.

This is looking straight down at the anchor system at the top of Crux Capacitor.

Climber on Crux Capacitor at the crux. This route general starts at the bottom of Big Wall Left.

Some one with rock climbing shoes might be able to start with a direct approach.