Crow's Nest


Crows next upper anchor tree is located on the Precipice Path about 35 feet above the top of Crows Nest.

The view looking down from the Crows Nest upper anchor tree to the lower anchor tree.

It is almost directly inline with the other tree anchor which is only about 4 feet from the edge of the climb.

Please do not scramble up & down causing erosion here. Toss the rope down the slope,

then climb down to the climbers left end of the anchor ledge above the Big Wall Left route.

If the rope cannot be reached from the ledge, there should be a couple of sticks tucked under

the cliff at the end of the ledge used for snagging the rope off the slope above.

This is the lower tree anchor (right). The upper anchor rope is seen going up to the left.

A stick for snagging the upper rope is on the ground at the base of the cliff.

Crows Nest anchor system over the edge & lower anchor tree.

Climber on Crow's Nest.