The Big Wall

Anchors - Mt Anna

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The Big Wall

This wall is the home of at least 3 routes; Crows Nest, Crux Capacitor and Big Wall Left.

There are a couple of other possibilities that could be explored but will not be discussed here.

Please access the anchor ledge from the Precipice Path as it crosses the big open ledge.

Climb down to the belay ledge on the climbers left end above Big Wall Left.

Do not scramble the climbers right end near Crows Nest to avoid erosion.

Top View - Big Wall Belay Ledge. Climber is negotiating the overhang at the top of Big Wall Left.

Side View - Big Wall Belay Ledge, from Big Wall Left toward Crow's Nest.

Top View - Big Wall Belay Ledge below Big Wall Left.

Big Wall Belay Ledge. Climber sits at the bottom of Big Wall Left rappel.

Tethered scramble to Big Wall Belay Ledge.